My Favorite Things (Beauty + Fashion)

Obviously I’m no Oprah Winfrey, but down below are 5 of my favorite things right now in beauty and fashion! I absolutely love these items and hope you will too! This is a prompt I will write on consistently on both the ‘For The Home’ and the ‘Beauty + Fashion’ pages, so check the site regularly to see what other items I have added to my list!

  1. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Chapstick

This is my go-to that I wear every single day. Literally if I forget it at home I feel like a part of me has been lost for the day. This chapstick is creamy and nourishing and it smells amazing! Whenever I run out of it, I go straight to the store and buy the exact same one, and I’ve never done that with chapstick before, but I do ever since I tried this one from Burt’s Bees! It’s the kind of chapstick that even your boyfriend/husband will go digging through your purse to find and use (I know mine does!)


(Target, $2.99)

2. Hoop Earrings

Wearing hoop earrings is something that I’ve gotten into pretty recently, but ever since I’ve started it’s been hard to want to wear any other type of earring! These go with pretty much anything. I can wear them with a skirt and heels or with a jean jacket and a t-shirt. Whenever I wear them I prefer to style them with a longer necklace or a small scarf, but any way you wear them you’ll look gorgeous!

(These hoop earrings were a gift from my mother and I wear them all the time!)

3. Unconventional Style Method No. 1: Tights and Socks

I’m not really sure how I got into doing this. I think I just tried it one day and thought it looked cute so I just kept on rolling with it. Layering tights and socks together is something I love doing; especially during the Fall and Winter seasons. I wore something similar to this on Thanksgiving and my sister told me that I looked like Eleven from Stranger Things, which I took as a compliment; nothing wrong with a little touch of the 80s style now and then!

(Dotted tights: Kohl’s, $7.99)

4. Reflective Sunglasses

Not only are reflective sunglasses great for shading your eyes from the sun and people watching, but they also photograph really well! I don’t know about you, but it seems 10x easier to snap a selfie I approve of whenever I have sunglasses on. The best part about them is that they’ll go with anything you’re wearing!

(Target, $16.99)

5. Red Lipstick

Really just lipstick in general  I love! It’s perfect to add a pop of color to your ensemble and is timeless. Whether it’s completing your Halloween costume, wanting to look extra festive to your Christmas party, or putting it on for a special date night, red lipstick is a classic go-to and is appropriate for any occasion or for an everyday look!

(In these photos I’m wearing Ruby Valentine by Milani)

I hope you enjoyed reading these style tips/my favorite things in beauty + fashion!



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