Something New


On December 8, 2017 something miraculous happened:

It snowed in South Texas.

As you know, many states and nations were affected by hurricanes this past August and South Texas was one of those areas that was hit hard.

Both of my parents’ homes were damaged due to Hurricane Harvey.

Some of my friends, loved ones, people who I talk to everyday or see at church every weekend, were driven out of their homes due to violent flooding. These people, even 5-6 months later, are still without their homes; still trying to pick up the pieces.

During Hurricane Harvey, I had the opportunity to work alongside the Emergency Management Operations in my county. I answered phone calls from people wanting to know where the nearest storm shelters were and how to get there, where to get sandbags  to block the front and backdoor of their homes to keep flood waters from entering their house, and calls from those who needed to be rescued.

A few times I answered a call where the person was scared, screaming, injured, and needed help immediately. I would transfer the call to our 911 dispatchers and hope and pray for the best.

I think about those people often.

I wonder what happened to them.

I wonder if I actually even helped them.

But on December 8, 2017 my thoughts were a bit lighter.

It’s so interesting how every time we have a hurricane, snow falls that Winter in the South; the most unlikely of places.

But you know what that shows me?

How glorious God is.

I don’t believe that those string of tragic storms were sent by God.

But I do believe the snow was.

Because I could hear God saying:

“See? I’m making beautiful things out of the broken pieces.” 

Because it shows me that God is the creator of all things and has the final say.

And with that new snowfall, came the awakening of new ideas and promises for 2018.

I felt the Lord saying to me that 2018 is going to be the year where promises are fulfilled and dreams would begin to form in reality not just for me, but for everyone!

As I’m sure you have noticed by now, these letters/this blog/this site/this dream of mine is following a new and improved layout and look.

Not only are there going to be letters about faith, Jesus, and personal growth, but there are going to be letters and posts about home decor and beauty and fashion!

I’ve always been inspired by my mother and grandmother in all things having to do with style.

I am convinced that the reason why I love the color pink so much is because my nana incorporated the color into every room of her home where I spent/spend so much time.

Not to sound materialistic, but I always admired how both of these incredible women in my life had nice things. These things weren’t always expensive or extremely rare, but I remember loving how they always took care of the things they had; making sure that their homes and fashion sense were appropriate and that each design flowed together smoothly.

I still admire this about them today.

I also remember being very little and loving things that I could hold in my hand:

Carrying a golden locket my mother had gotten for me in my small coat, having chapstick in the pocket of my jeans at all times, bringing one of my mom’s shirts with me to kindergarten everyday because it smelled like her and comforted me during nap time.

I even recall when I was a toddler and the woman that took care of me and babysat me everyday would tear strips of old bedsheets for me to carry around in my little hands because I wanted to press the material against my cheek and feel its softness between my fingertips.

At a young age I learned the importance of, not having absolutely everything you want, but taking good care of the things you have.

I believe that that lesson has brought me here today to this passion for style, and I hope that those of you who have that same passion will come along for the ride with me in 2018.

God is doing something new in me and in all of us.

Here’s to lifelong dreams becoming tangible, promises being delivered, and new and old passions alike being stirred in 2018.



(P.S. Head on over to the ‘For The Home’ and ‘Beauty + Fashion’ pages to see what’s new!)





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