Crazy Shoes


From the time I was a little girl, I’ve always loved trying out new things; especially when it came to clothing and accessories.

My mother will tell you that most mornings when I came walking out of the house to get in the car and go to school, my older sister would shoot my mom a glance and say, “Really? You’re going to let her go to school like that?” Ma’s response was always the same: she would shrug her shoulders, smile, and say, “She’s being herself.”

Whenever our family gets together and goes through old school pictures of all the kids, we all end up crying laughing over mine.

“Why’d you insist on wearing that tie dye ensemble? You look like Austin Powers!”

“What was in your hair? And did you even brush it that morning?”

These are just a few of the funny comments my family likes to make about my style choices back in those days.

Sometimes I’ll even ask my mom, “What were you thinking?”

I remember being in elementary school and comparing myself to every girl in my class.

Their hair was always smooth and straight, their mothers would get up early in the morning and dress them for the day; making sure the perfectly tied bow in their hair matched the girly ruffles on their shirt.

While I would walk into the classroom, my hair curly and tangled, stomping around in the lime green Crocs with the decorative buttons in the holes, wearing a beaded tribal necklace that my older brother had gotten me in Africa.

I mean…really?

But to this day, my mother still tells me, “I wanted you to express yourself the way you wanted to. I’ll admit some mornings I would turn around and peer at you in the backseat and ask, “Cameron…are you sure you want to wear that today?” You would smile back at me with one of your front teeth missing and say, “Yes,” and I just couldn’t help it; you were too cute.”

After hearing that, it’s hard to not look back at those silly school pictures and smile.

Now, I’m so grateful that my parents were supportive of my creative choices at such a young age because I believe it has led me to be confident of who I am today and has led me here; writing on this style blog!

This post is about exactly what the title says: crazy shoes.

Maybe you’ve passed a pair of interesting shoes in a department store or have scrolled past them online and thought, “I wonder if I could pull these off…” Well this post is for you!

I am the queen of trying clothing choices that other people wouldn’t be caught dead in, but I’ve noticed that I can pull off the look if I’m able to find a happy medium between how the model in the catalog styled them and my own personal style preferences.

Keep reading and look down below for a few of my favorite pairs of crazy shoes and how I style them!

  1. Floral Booties


(Target, around $40)

Whenever I saw these online I thought, “They kind of say: ‘my grandmother’s couch’ a little, but they don’t scream it, so I think I could make these look ok.” And when they came in and I tried them on I immediately fell in love! These booties can go with more than you think, and I have worn them with everything from jeans to a dress and I get compliments on them every time! Not only do I love how cute they are, but they are also comfortable. The square, chunky heel is feminine, but makes it to where you can have these on for hours and your feet won’t ache terribly. So if you’re debating on whether or not to buy something like this, I say go for it!

2. Penny Loafers


(Call It Spring, around $30)

First of all, I. Love. This. Store. Call It Spring has such a wide variety of shoes for an affordable price, AND THEY’RE SO CUTE! Penny loafers. You’d be lying if you said you read the Nancy Drew books or watched the movie with young Emma Roberts in it and didn’t always secretly want a pair. I’ll admit I was little skeptical when I first bought these, but as I started wearing them more and more, I became more comfortable with how they look and now I wear them all the time. That being said, I know that when I wear them they’re not necessarily everyone’s favorite, but I have gotten a few compliments on them before. At first my boyfriend despised them, but he has since warmed up to them and still loves me, penny loafers and all.

3. Lavender Sneakers


(Reebok sneakers: Urban Outfitters, around $75)

These were not as much of a skeptical buy, but there was a period of time where I fell out of wearing them. Whenever you buy something that’s a bright, fun color like these it can be sort of difficult finding other clothing and accessories to pair it with. But, just like the floral booties, you’d be surprised at how well these sneakers mesh with other pieces in your closet. I’ve worn these with a t-shirt and jeans, but also a casual dress and I have felt cute and confident every time! I’ve also started wearing these more by being quicker to try pairing them with an outfit rather than completely relying on how it looks in my mind to make the judgement of whether or not it works. Sometimes you have to get out of your head and just go for it in order to be able to judge the results!

4. Duckie Shoes


(ZOOSHOO, around $30)

These shoes are definitely the most different looking pair of shoes I own, but I love them! I’d be lying if I said Jon Cryer’s iconic character, Duckie, in Pretty In Pink  didn’t influence this purchase. I mean, who can resist the charm of those Duckman shoes? They’re classic! What I look for in every piece I buy is versatility; something that can be dressed up, but also be dressed down, and these shoes fit that description perfectly. Whether it’s pairing them with a dress and a jean jacket, or with a white tee and holy jeans, they add a unique touch to an outfit while tying the whole look together!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the crazy shoes in my closet and even came to the conclusion to splurge and buy yourself a pair!



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