I’m just going to start naming this portion of the blog, “Weird Stories, Behaviors, and Memories From My Days In Elementary School” because I swear I can’t start writing one of these letters without sharing at least one of these instances! Seriously, you guys I was the weirdest kid and I’m 100% certain that my siblings and other family members would say so too!

So, just picture it:

The setting is Fall 2008; I’m in fifth grade.

Me (in my head): “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I did this. What was I thinking? Seriously? Everyone else had their jackets on, how did I not notice? I always bring my jacket out to recess even when it’s 80 degrees outside, but today of all days I decide that it’s probably going to be warm enough to leave it in the classroom? Look at everyone: running around, playing, smiling…they remembered their jackets. They aren’t cold. They don’t have to worry about anything. Meanwhile I have to sit out here for thirty more minutes shivering. I swear when I get back inside I’m putting my jacket on and never taking it off.”

These are literally the thoughts that would run through my head on the daily.

Dramatic much? Queen of obsessing over little things much? Yep, that’s me!

It’s so funny to look back on those kinds of instances; those memories of us pulling our first strip or getting our first conduct mark and just being beside ourselves with disappointment, not getting a sparkly foot charm because you didn’t run the mile in under ten minutes and being so mad because Nick already had eight sparkly foot charms and you only had two, or crying hysterically at recess because you forgot your homework at home and had to sit on the wall for five minutes while everyone else played.

It’s so silly the things we used to stress ourselves out over.

Like forgetting your jacket in the classroom during recess!

Here’s a fun fact about me: I’m almost always cold. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere without a jacket; especially school. Even if I forgot my whole backpack at home it wouldn’t matter as long as I had my jacket (that never happened, but again, queen of the dramatic here).

I’m still like that today. I’m nineteen years old and I’ll be walking out of the door when my mom yells, “Be sure to take a jacket!”

Every time. Because my mom knows what kind of person (or rather, icicle) I am.

So, as you probably already guessed, this letter is All About The Jacket.

Here are some of my favorite jackets in my closet: must-haves for everyone!




(Clad & ClothFormation Jacket $68)

This jacket is perfect for any and every outfit! I especially love wearing it over long-sleeved sweaters or flannels on winter days, but, as you can see, it looks great with a t-shirt too! Not gonna lie, Veronica Lodge definitely inspired this buy. If you’re a Riverdale fan, then you know I’m referring to her iconic black cape-coat that she is always seen styling. I love this green jacket because it’s the perfect cross between a poncho/cape and a regular coat or jacket, and because it’s not super heavy either (I live in South Texas where it’s hardly ever cold). So for anyone who has thought about making a purchase similar to this, I strongly encourage it!



(H&MShort Jacket $34.99)

I strongly believe that every girl needs a black blazer. For the longest time, I couldn’t find one that I liked anywhere. I wanted one that was cute, but not crazy with designs or prints on it and I also wanted it to look like a professional blazer, but not one that looked like I was about to walk onto the set of I Love Lucy and say, “Honey, I’m home!” And when I was browsing online one day, I found the perfect black blazer! I absolutely adore this blazer because it’s professional but not too stiff and you can dress it down or dress it up!



(H&M, Biker Jacket $29.99)

I always wanted a leather jacket, but, like the black blazer, I couldn’t find one that I wanted. That was until I came across this jacket at the mall one day. After buying it I was super skeptical about wearing it, but once I wore it the first time I loved it and now I wear it all the time! If you have an outfit that you don’t want to wear a jean jacket with or a blazer with, then that’s where a leather jacket comes in perfectly. I love wearing this one so much that I will soon be on the hunt for a brown leather jacket!



(Hand-me-down from my older sister, American Eagle)

Last, but certainly not least, The Jean Jacket. This is my favorite jacket in my closet. I could wear it every single day and often do some weeks! This jacket is actually a hand-me-down from my sister and so far, it’s been the only jean jacket that I have ever owned. Every single person-male or female-NEEDS a jean jacket. Seriously. It goes with absolutely everything and can be worn year-round. During the spring and summer I like to roll up the sleeves and during the fall and winter I like to wear a long-sleeved hoodie under it to add some extra warmth. I’ll get another jean jacket some day, but I will always keep this one. Find one that you love and don’t let it go!

Thanks for reading and I hope this gave you some ideas on how to style your outfits and what pieces you’re going to add to your closet next!



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