My Wishlist

Dear Friends,

Hello! I hope you all are having an amazing start to your summer!

I love summer because, while it brings warm memories from past summers and my childhood, it also ushers in a feeling of  newness that makes it seem like anything is possible! 

And I don’t know about you guys, but when summer rolls around I always like to experiment with different styles in my beauty, fashion, and, of course, home decor!

I love adding pops of color, mixing and matching different patterns, and rearranging. But one of my favorite things is searching for new items to add to a space, or better yet, my wishlist!

I have a HUGE (and growing) wishlist with pretty much everything you could think of; especially when it comes to home decor items.

Down below are 3 home items that I am currently so in love with! And that I need now…like..right now.

(**Note: I do not own any of these pictures. These are screenshots from the Walmart, PB Teen, and Target websites…:)**) 



Isn’t this the cutest/greatest thing you’ve ever seen?! It’s a MINI mini fridge! AND IT’S PINK. Well, Walmart offers this item in two other colors as well: mint and yellow, but we all know pink is the coolest. This would be perfect to have in your office, in a kid’s room, or even in your own bedroom! I mean, think about it: it’s the middle of the night and you’re thirsty, but instead of having to get up out of bed, go all the way to the kitchen, get a glass of water, get scared and start running from the monsters in the dark, stub your toe, and go back to bed angry, all you have to do is reach under your bedside table to your MINI mini fridge and pull out a cold water bottle. BOOM. Convenience at its finest. So go online and order 2 RIGHT NOW. One for you…one for me 🙂 pls. 


(Enchanted Night Sky Sheet Set, $32.50-$149.00)

(Golden Snitch Clock, $49.00)

YOU GUYS. Is this not the second greatest thing you’ve ever seen?! Who am I kidding? This probably tops the mini mini fridge. IT’S HARRY POTTER…HOME DECOR. Pottery Barn Teen was like: “Wanna go to Hogwarts? SAY NO MORE,” and made all of my dreams come true. I love absolutely everything in this collection: the comforters, the pillows with the different houses of Hogwarts, the backpacks and school gear, AND THE GOLDEN SNITCH CLOCK HOLY CANNOLI. Sorry. I’m just super passionate. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? This dreamy collection has something for everyone-boy or girl, Harry Potter lover or not-and I’m sure if you scroll through the PB Teen site you’ll find something you’ll love! I told myself that I wasn’t going to pick favorites, but this collection is definitely at the very top of my wishlist!



Okay, so I know that so many people have these now and you may be like: “Cam, keep up that was so 6 months ago” but I still think it’s cute and I still don’t have one OKAY. These are the perfect decorative item to keep in any room of your house or apartment and the best part is you can change the message as frequently as you want! Put something cute, something inspirational, or something funny; the board is YOURS :). I’m always at Target and yet, I always forget to get myself one of these cute letter boards. This is one of those items that I’m just going to have to take off the list and go out and buy, and I promise I will provide you guys the photo evidence once I do!

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few of the *many* items on my wishlist and that you might have even added one or all of them to your own wishlist! 



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