Peacock House


One of our fur babies, Phoebe, sitting pretty.

Dear friends,

Hello! It feels so good to be back writing to you guys again after a LONG time away from the blog!

A LOT has happened since I last wrote, so here’s a life update:

The Spring of 2019 consisted of classes, headaches, homework, projects, and tears, but this past May I graduated community college with an Associate of Arts degree in Spanish. My Spanish skillz are still a work in progress though.

After graduation, Lucas and I went on a trip to Spain with Lee College which was absolutely AMAZING for two reasons – 1. Spain is a beautiful country filled with history, rich culture, and breathtaking views and 2. LUCAS PROPOSED AND WE’RE NOW ENGAGED!!!

Lucas asked me to marry him on a quiet beach along the Costa del Sol overlooking the Mediterranean Sea – it was absolutely perfect.


May 22, 2019 – Estepona, Spain 

Since then, Lucas and I have been planning our wedding and getting personal things in order so we can settle into married life this January!

That includes renovating and redecorating the house Lucas and I will live in once we’re married.

In April of 2018, Lucas moved into a house that my grandparents own; they rented out the home over the years, but a little over a year ago Lucas was looking to move and that house sat empty, so they generously suggested that he move in!

And now that Lucas and I will be married, it’s the perfect place to start our life together; my great grandparents’ last home, right across the street from my grandparents’ home, and just down the road from my mom! It is such a huge blessing for us and we’re so grateful.

Because it’s an older house, it requires a little updating which will take work, but since Lucas and I are both creative, we’re happy and excited to do it!

We decided that now was a good time to start the process since I won’t move in until after the wedding – more stuff = more stuff to move around, and cover and protect from renovations.

When Tropical Storm Imelda hit and we were stuck inside, we began with something simple – painting the master bedroom and bathroom.

Well, it sounds simple, but painting is a lot of work!

Especially when you have a space with lots of doors and windows.

Here is what the master bedroom + bathroom looked like when Lucas moved in in April of 2018:



Not that bad, right? But Lucas and I weren’t crazy about the wall color – in fact, we hated it lol! And the toilet in the master bathroom was old and small.

I love rich, deep colors and recently I’ve fallen in love with dark green shades. Whenever Lucas and I went to Lowe’s to pick out paint color, I knew that a dark green shade would look amazing on the walls. After going back and forth between multiple colors for what seemed like forever, we finally decided on a shade called Peacock House by Valspar.

And the results…



INCREDIBLE! We are so in love!

The king bed and dresser were Lucas’ parents’ furniture that they gave to him a while back; the furniture was a wooden brown color, but then Lucas painted it deep grey/almost black and the room all put together looks amazing now!

Eventually we want to do more with this room – figure out the window situation, get crown molding, and rip up the carpet, but it’s crazy how a fresh coat of paint can radically transform a room!

Now the master bathroom…



Again – still so much we want to do, but the color makes everything look beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed reading about and looking at the beginning of our renovation of this home and maybe you even took away an idea or two for your home! I can’t wait to share more of the changes we’ve made; write soon!




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