(Gold antique locket I used to carry around in elementary school)

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like absolutely everything to be up-to-date. I don’t prefer to walk in a room and every piece of furniture or décor is shiny and new. Some people do like that, but I have found that it’s just not my style.

Whenever I was younger and my family and I would go on vacation, ninety percent of the time, my mom would make a point to check out at least one antique shop while we were at that destination.

My sister absolutely hated walking around in those old stores, but found a way to entertain herself by people watching and taking unflattering photos of other tourists with the family camera.

I don’t think my dad ever really minded it; he was always able to find a comfortable chair to sit in or would walk around the stores from time to time.

But I always enjoyed it. Sometimes I would stay by my mom’s side while she browsed, or I would venture off on my own to see what I could find.

As I’ve mentioned before, growing up I always really liked objects that I could fit in the palm of my hand. With me being so tiny, the objects I found myself mesmerized with were often very small as well: a gold locket, a silver ring. So naturally I would gravitate towards the cases with jewelry or small figurines.

Lots of times, my mom would laugh or raise an eyebrow at my finds, but would buy them for me anyway; another avenue in which she supported my creativity.

So now when I walk into a space and find that every object is bright and untouched, I often want to ask, “Where’s the character?”

Where are the pieces you’ve incorporated in your home to make it your own?

Where are the pieces that serve as signs that people actually live in your home?

Down below are some of the vintage or antique pieces that I’ve been able to incorporate in my space that make it more unique and even elegant.


This typewriter I found online on an Etsy shop and ordered it. As I said in my blog post, My Favorite Things (Home Décor), I like to have pieces that serve more than one purpose so not only does this serve as a decorative piece, but it is also fully functional! I’m able to sit at my desk and use it to type out ideas or to type a unique message on a card. Writing is one of my passions so it was easy to incorporate this into an everyday space where I would be able to use it often.


Music is another one of my passions, hence the record player. While these small, portable Crosley’s aren’t necessarily antique or uncommon, I love how they add a vintage touch to a room. You can set it up and create a whole atmosphere around it, or you can store it and pull it out when you want to use it again! This record player was given to me as a Christmas present a couple of years back and you can pretty much find them anywhere: Barnes & Noble, Target, Best Buy, etc. And if you’re a huge music lover like I am, then you’ll enjoy and use this in your home all the time.


Call me a weirdo, but I have this thing for boxes. Storage boxes, shoe boxes, and jewelry boxes! I’m really just a fan of anything that is able to store all of my stuff, but this particular jewelry box is more than just a container or decorative piece. This jewelry box belonged to my great grandmother and today I use it to house my favorite and most valued jewelry pieces. Not only does it have and contain sentimental value, but it is an eye-catcher in a room; it is a piece that is simple, yet ornate at the same time and it has its own story to tell.

Whenever some people think of the word “antique” or “vintage” they think: old, dingy, not usable, or even broken, but I’d like to change that. All of the pieces I’ve mentioned are unique, sure, but not so outdated that you wouldn’t be able to find a place for them in your home. They add a splash of history to a space and are sure to attract inquisitive minds, eyes, and hearts. I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the vintage/antique pieces in my home and were able to take away a few ideas for your own!



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